Friday, December 18, 2009

Detroit, You Have a Problem

Yes, Detroit has several problems and all of them can be linked back to failed liberal policies. Look anywhere where the Democrats and liberals have been in control for more then 20 years and you will see a landscape littered with shattered dreams and a rot like that of dead carrion in a tropical environment. At this point I would think the evidence would be apparent. Look at Detroit and Michigan as a whole, California or New Jersey. The evidence is far more overwhelming and provable then anything the mad scientists who work at East Anglia or the IPCC have ever produced.

The very people Democrats claim to be looking out for are the very ones most effected by their failed schemes. They have only one answer for any problem. Throw money at it. If it doesn't improve it is because you didn't throw enough money at it. Look at the current spending spree the Democrats are engaging in, charging up a huge national debt on the taxpayer credit card. It is some sort of perverse form of identity theft. In the end we will get stuck with the bill and have to suffer the consequences of a ruined credit rating while they simply move on to the next victim, resolute in their belief that it wasn't the policy that was bad, simply the lack of funds which caused it to fail.

I think the same school of thought was employed by the Soviet Union at the height of communism.

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