Friday, December 04, 2009

Dingy Harry Still Getting Crushed in 2010 Matchups

You have to figure his suicide mission to provide us with "free" healthcare will cost him his job next November, but what does he have to worry about? He'll get to keep his own cushy government plan even in retirement.

For a guy who's been in office as long as he has, a 38% approval means almost certain doom, ready to be submerged by the near-certain GOP tidal wave of 2010.
Nevadans aren't warming up to Sen. Harry Reid, despite plenty of early advertising designed to boost his image, a new poll shows.

Just 38 percent of respondents said they had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Senate majority leader, the same percentage as in October and 1 point higher than in August.

The survey of 625 registered Nevada voters by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research suggests the promotional bombardment that Reid launched more than six weeks ago has yet to hit its target.

"I'd be worried," said Michael Franz, an assistant professor at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, who studies political advertising. "I'd stop if I had aired ads for two or three weeks and it wasn't moving the needle."

According to the poll commissioned by the Review-Journal, 49 percent of respondents had an unfavorable opinion of Reid, while 13 percent were neutral.

"We've always said we will run an aggressive campaign that includes early television, and this is just the beginning," said Reid campaign manager Brandon Hall. "Senator Reid is fighting to make Nevada stronger every day, and his leadership position is particularly important during these tough economic times. We're confident that as voters begin to understand the clear choice between his leadership for Nevada and Republican candidates with no new ideas, they will ultimately decide that Nevada is best served by re-electing Senator Reid next November."
It's likely his GOP opponent could be a stone statue and will still win. Who needs any "new ideas" when all you'll need to do is point at this clown and ask whether you want six more years of a man who makes undertakers look cheery?
In hypothetical general election matchups, respondents favored Lowden over Reid 51 percent to 41 percent, with 8 percent undecided. They favored Tarkanian over Reid 48 percent to 42 percent, with 10 percent undecided. The margin of error was plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Reid, who is seeking his fifth consecutive six-year term, was recognized by 100 percent of respondents, suggesting he is well-known to voters.

Pollster Brad Coker says Reid's early ad campaign to remind voters of his hardscrabble childhood in Searchlight and highlight his efforts to use his Senate status to create, save or protect tens of thousands of jobs "isn't doing him much good right now."
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