Wednesday, January 26, 2011

92% of the 44% of Dems Who Heard the SOTU Liked It

CBS, which is apparently using the same polling company that counts the votes in Iran and Venezuela, leads with the incredible headline that 92% of Americans who heard the State of the Union speech liked the proposals in it. My first thought was WTF!?

Hey folks, I heard that speech, well, halfway anyway. It was no different from most of the ones I have heard in the past. The usual boilerplate remarks about listening to the American people, working together, moving the economy and praise for the military. Where I started to tune out was when he went on and on about teachers as if they were gods descended from Olympus to deliver us all. Hey listen, pandering to the teacher's unions works very well on the local level; not so sure it carries as much weight on the national level and besides, c'mon Barry, you already have the unions in your back pocket, so why so much effusive praise on teachers?

The education system in the country is broken, but a lot of that blame doesn't lie with the teachers but rather with the administrators of both the unions and the schools themselves.

He then went on to promise everybody a Prius in every garage, high-speed rail just outside your window, and unicorns in the front lawn while at the same time he was going to cut spending.

As far as his promise about vetoing any bill on his desk which contains earmarks, that was snort worthy. He has said that before too, and for the record the next bill he vetoes for earmarks will also be the first one.

I found the poll on CBS' website so it came as no suppose to the polling data with the breakdown of their random Americans.
Democrat - 44%
Republicans - 25%
Independent - 31%

So who knew that the Republicans were now a third party in America. Where do I sign up for this new Independent Party?

How soon before the phrase "he gives good speech" comes to mean something totally different then a compliment on someone's oratory skills?

The bad news is that with the sorry state of our journalism in this country today all you are going to see is that headline that 92% approve the speech.

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