Thursday, January 20, 2011

Poll: Public Bracing for $4 Gasoline By July

I don't know who the GOP nominee for President is going to be in 2012, but I have a hunch "Drill, Baby, Drill!" will resonate with a public that resigning itself to $4/gallon gasoline by this summer.

Can you imagine what the price at the pump might be by summer 2012? $5? $6?

Do I hear $7?

Forget Dick Cheney and Big Oil. We now know who the real price gouger is.
Nearly nine-out-of-10 Americans say they are paying more for gas than they were last summer and expect to pay even more six months from now. Most say $4-a-gallon gas is likely by July 1.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 87% of Adults say they are paying more for gas than they were six months ago. At the end of August, just 40% said the same. Only one percent (1%) say they are paying less for gas now, while nine percent (9%) say they’re spending about the same amount.

The number of adults who expect gas prices to increase even more has reached its highest level since March of last year. Eighty-seven percent (87%) say it is at least somewhat likely they will be paying more for gas in six months, including an overwhelming 75% who say it is Very Likely. Just seven percent (7%) do not expect to spend more for gas in six months’ time.

Seventy percent (70%) say it’s also at least somewhat likely that gas prices will rise above $4-a-gallon by July 1, with 40% who believe it is Very Likely. Twenty-four percent (24%) say it’s not very or not at all likely. A year ago, Americans were evenly divided over whether gas would increase to over $4-a-gallon.
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drfredc said...

This is all about Mud farmers.   In the middle of the night, the farmers between two towns (whose commerce depended upon each other) would soak the roads between the towns with water, turning the roads to mud.  Everyone who tried to get here from there would get stuck in the mud.  Then the friendly farmers would show up with their plow horses and, for the right price, pull the stuck out of the mud...  

Toejam said...

Euroweenies are already paying through the nose.

1-Euro = $1.36

1-liter = 1.44 Eruo

1-U.S. Gallon = 3.8 liters


*1.44 Euro x 3.8 liters = 5.47 Euro per gallon.

*5.47 x $1.36 = $7.44 per gallon


Reaganite Republican said...

<span><span>US gasoline prices have already almost doubled since  </span>
<span>Barack Obama took office.</span></span>

4-5 buck gas means a feeble US economy plunging straight into cardiac arrest mode