Saturday, January 29, 2011

Krugman Confesses: "I Don't Know Anything"

Three weeks ago, you may recall that Paul Krugman did a spectacular belly-flop into an empty swimming pool when he linked the shooting in Tucson to Sarah Palin's whackadoodle - nay, dangerous! - right-wing rhetoric, without a shred of evidence.

Today, he is uncharacteristically reluctant to even dip his toes in the water by commenting on a situation he says he knows nothing about: Egypt.

Translation: He's still trying to figure out how to implicate Palin in all this.
I don’t know anything, have no expertise, haven’t even ever looked at the economic situation. Hence, no posting. If there comes a point when I have something to say, I will.
Via Mediaite. Cross-posted.


Anonymous said...

Ah.. you underestimate him. By saying this, he is implying he HAS known what he was talking about all the other times he shot off his big mouth. Which is clearly not the case.

Rick Patel said...

The whole East Coast political/media establishment have been revealed as utter nincompoops by their foolish obsession with Sarah Palin. She has deflated them like the methane-filled balloons they were.