Monday, January 17, 2011

Peg Bundy as Sarah Palin? What Could Go Wrong?

They just can't stop obsessing over Sarah Palin, even at a Hollywood awards show.
"Me, you really think so?" Golden Globe winner Katey Sagal said when I remarked the she was perfect for playing the boufant haired republican. "Why?"

"Because you're really rockin' a Palin thing," I told the Sons of Anarchy genius, who fully knows her way around a killer wig.

So is Katey up for a Sarah Palin poking?

"Well, I guess I'd have to use a gun, wouldn't I?" replied the Globes winner, who slowly warmed to the idea.

"She really does look like Palin," said the ET reporter sitting next to me backstage. I was not alone in thinking, Katey, with her full, flowing brown locks sexily framing a pretty ample cleavage.

Truly, it was remarkable. And how cool is it that Sagal's got the first thing down for impersonating Palin—a gun?
In keeping with the new agae of civility, the commenters are losing it.
Rick Patel: You say no actress could adequately portray Sarah Palin and I agree because no one has the narcissistic, vengeful, hate-infested personality that Sarah Palin has to adequately portray the LYING witch.

It depends on the actress as to whether or not she can portray Palin. Does she have a grudge against the world and is she out to get whomever she suspects is her enemy? If she thinks of herself first ahead of her family and her country and lies with ease about even little things, if she is IGNORANT to the point of embarrassment, then yes...she may be able to portray Palin because they'd have the same attributes.
How civil.

Palin tonight will be the featured guest with Sean Hannity on Fox News Channel. Forecast calls for clouds with a 100% chance of Palin Derangement Syndrome on the left.


Bonzer Wolf™ said...

The lunatic left despises Palin and all female and African Americans who dare repudiate the liberal fascist agenda. I believe the Progressive obsession with Palin actually increases her support on the Right. Anybody who MSNBC et al hate this much, has to be good for America.

LYNNDH said...

These people most likely do not even listen to Palin, do not have a clue to what she really says. Too much hate gets in the way of facts.

tree hugging sister said...

Oh, if ONLY I could be HALF as clever, perhaps I could be a QUARTER as famous as these WITS!  'Tis TRULY something to aspire to!

FelixAndAva said...

That's what moved me out of neutral about Ms. Palin. Looking at the "quality" of those who dislike her, she's GOT to have her head on straight and have things to say worth paying attention to.

rich b said...

The Pavlovian culture/response of hate for Sarah Palin that eminates from Hollywood says far more about the haters than it does about Sarah. These people on the left are certifiable. And if you asked any of these scumbags why they hate Sarah so much, my guess is you wouldn't get one articulate answer out of the entire bunch.

Once again Liberalism = Mental Disease.