Saturday, January 22, 2011

Senate Newbie Rand Paul Asks Noted Hothead Imbecile Al Franken to Be His Mentor

What could possibly go wrong?
It would appear that a rather unexpected friendship has bloomed in our nation’s capital: Sen. Al Franken, a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, has found something of a kindred spirit in Kentucky’s Rand Paul, the freshman senator who has plans to form a Senate Tea Party Caucus.

The two men get along so well, in fact, that Paul has asked Franken to act as his Democratic mentor.
Well, I suppose if Paul is looking for somebody to teach him how to avoid tenacious journalists asking pesky questions about bills he hasn't read, how to physically intimidate your debate opponent after he smokes you like a cheap cigar, or how to drop one or fifty f-bombs then I guess he went to the right guy.

But if you ask me, this 'new civility' movement overtaking the Beltway is getting completely out of hand.

Via Mediaite. Cross-posted.

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