Monday, January 24, 2011

Obama Head-Fakes to the Center, Jukes a Handful of Especially Slow-Witted Leftwing Miscreants Out of Their Sneakers

Did Politico even bother letting these guys in on the joke that Obama is "moving to the center"?

Apparently not.

It's all part of the MSM's grand plan though. Articles like this are key if Obama is going to keep up the ruse that he is suddenly the most altruistic, non-partisan centrist since [INSERT NAME OF SOME MEMORABLE 'CENTRIST' POLITICIAN HERE].
President Barack Obama plans to play up a bright future with congressional Republicans by channeling his 2008 campaign message of post-partisanship in his State of the Union address — but the liberal wing of his party isn’t quite seeing the light.

As the president touts spending austerity, deficit reduction and extension of the Bush-era tax cuts, some Democrats worry Obama will pivot too hard away from the party’s core principles and concede too much to the new House GOP majority that campaigned on destroying his agenda.
Now mind you, since Obama took office he has spent money hand over fist and up the wazoo, exploded the deficit beyond recognition, and vowed to campaign against the Bush-era tax cuts in 2012 - the same cuts he's allegedly "touting" now. And yet Anthony Weiner, Bernie Sanders, and Dennis Kucinich can't even tolerate lip service to such common sense notions of spending within a budget, reining in the deficit, and maintaining the status freakin' quo on income tax rates.

And they wonder why their party got slaughtered last November.



Toejam said...

"And they wonder why their party got <span>slaughtered</span> last November"

Bad Jammie......Must not use such violent language, such as<span> slaughtered</span> because, according to MSNBC it will promote violence!

ConservativeBC said...

Finally It Speaks - Olbermann Comes Out From Under His Rock

Bathtub boy, sulking in silence after his departure from MSNBC has taken his thumb out of his mouth long enough to post a tweet.