Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'There Were a Lot of Crazy Stunts Put Forward by Listeners, but Andreas Won by a Short Head'

Some men are apparently so proud of having a small unit they'll even tattoo as evidence.
Andreas Muller, 39, has gone to extreme lengths to win himself a car - having the word ‘Mini’ tattooed on to his penis.

The crazy German decided to have the rather painful tattoo after a radio station ran a competition to win a £20,000 Mini Cooper.

The brief: whoever pulled the craziest stunt to get the car would win.

Unsurprisingly, Muller’s offer to have the car manufacturer’s name branded on to his penis topped the list of crazy suggestions.

‘There were a lot of crazy stunts put forward by listeners, but Andreas won by a short head,’ said one of the competition’s organisers.

Radio listeners were then treated to Muller’s cries of agony while the unique piece of branding was created.
They ought to tattoo the word "dumb" on his ass while they're at it. Now I could almost see someone doing this if it was to win a Viper. But a Mini???

Photos at the link if you really need to see the evidence.

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berryclan said...

(this is such an old joke, I want to apologize first)   I have M.I.T. on mine. When its happy, it spells Massachusetts Institute of Technology.