Thursday, January 27, 2011

Michelle Obama Vows to Make Military Families Newest Members of the Victim Class

I treat all efforts by liberals to assist the military through very jaundiced eyes. They only seem to want to help those whom they first have made out to be victims, quite often victims created by their very actions. A good example of this is the Vietnam veteran. They spent the better part of a decade demonizing them and protesting against them, they then portrayed them in movies as disconnected psychopaths who only had a life of drug or alcohol abuse interspersed with fits of rage to look forward to for the rest of their lives and at the same time promoted this myth into reality in the minds of the average person.

Today Michelle Obama was on a morning show vowing to work to help military families, but she is doing it through the prism that has been adopted by those who don't know any better. Her intentions, no matter how well meaning, start from a basic premise that military families are victims and this comment in particular showed me that disconnect.
“I suck it up because of these families,” the First Lady said, “Part of the challenge of getting the message out about military families is they never ask for help. They never ask for help because you don't do that when you're in the military. You get it done. That's how you're trained. That's what you're taught.”
What may escape the attention of most is the part that's how you're trained. Nobody trains military families. They don't attend some sort of spouse boot camp. No, instead military spouses are made of a little sterner stuff then most people. Instead of running from challenges they meet them head on. While they avail themselves of services, when there is no such program they figure it out on their own.

I speak from first hand knowledge. My wife adapted to life in the military after she married me. Granted, she had somewhat of an idea since her father was a former Marine, but he got out when she was very young. She quickly found out that Army life was a whole different animal then Marine life. She stepped into the role of being head of the household when I was gone. She handled everything from automobile repairs, often doing them herself, to accountant, doctor and event planner. She would grudgingly turn some of the duties over to me once I was back in town. It was five years after we were married before I was even in the same state as her on our anniversary; often I wasn't even in the same country. We just celebrated anniversary number 25.

No, military spouses are not victims to be exploited, instead they are the hidden heroes who need to be spotlighted and held up as examples to the rest of the poor wretched masses who crumble without having some sort of government bailout or answer to their every little problem, want or need. They don't stand around with their hands out and instead go about getting things done on their own. It is this concept that is as foreign to liberals as breathing oxygen is to fish. No, Ms. First Lady, the military families don't need any programs. They appreciate the attention you are bringing to their unique role in our society, I am sure, but if you want to help them, honor them and don't try to make them victims because even by your own admission they act as a source of inspiration for you when times get tough.

BTW, Ms. Obama, how many military families did you know before your husband stepped onto the national political stage?

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paul a'barge said...

Good lord, the paternalism and condescension is just completely over the top. She is just the worst thing to walk upright on two legs.