Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest Bumbling Biden Appearance: Two Gaffes for the Price of One!

Cameras capture Joe Biden's gaffes:

Let's look at the bright side. At least he didn't implore a wheelchair-bound man to stand up. All he did here was confuse a woman for a man and called his hosts Enron. Pretty standard fare for Gaffemaster Joe.
Vice President Joe Biden made a couple of mistakes at the microphone when he appeared at the Ener1 plant in Hancock County, Ind. on Wednesday.

The first came when he mentioned a state Senator. "Senator Gard is here, wanna recognize him, I was told he was here," said Biden.

Senator Beverly Gard, in fact, was in the audience. She met with Biden after the speech.

The Vice President didn't always get the name of the company right, either. At one point he referred "Enron one leading the way."
Maybe he should learn to use the TelePrompter as a crutch, like his boss does.


RickS said...

Yes, but he's still sooo much smarter than Sarah Palin. At least he doesn't say he can see Russia from his house, like Palin does all the time. How dumb. Liberals are really smart people. I wish I was smart like Joe Biden.

Rose said...

Biden cain't hep it, his sawdust fell out.  Such as he ever had.