Saturday, January 22, 2011

Apoplectic Olbermann Fans Seeing Black Helicopters Everywhere

After the Keith Olbermann departure from MSNBC last night, apparently because he got too greedy, we noted some of the amusing commentary coming from the left. Well, now the conspiracists are on the case: It's all about freedom of speech being muzzled or something.
Marvin Ammori, a professor at Nebraska Law and a former adviser to media reform group Free Press, said Olbermann's announcement "raises serious concerns" about free speech.
Of course since leaving the Cornell Agriculture School, this man-child has held seemingly dozens of television jobs, so I find it curious that only now there's some sinister motive behind it. Let's face it, the guy lasted seven years longer at MSNBC than anyone expected. Heck, eight years there has to be a record of some kind.
"Comcast proved expert in shaking down the government to approve its merger," he said. "Comcast's shakedown of NBC has just begun."

Merger opponents have previously charged that Comcast would likely tamper with MSNBC, reputed as left-leaning, to maintain a positive business relationship with Fox.

Olbermann, on the other hand, predicted in a tweet last year that the merger would make MSNBC more liberal.
So which is it? Are they more liberal now or silencing free speech?

Of course as with any left-leaning site, the comments are a hoot.
I was just remembering when Richard Clark, Clinton and Bush's terrorism expert, was giving his congressional testimony about how the Bush white house ignored all warnings of 911, COMCAST (at least here in southern Florida) completely blacked out the screen and audio for almost the entirety of his testimony. It was so obvious. It was creepy. Its' the same thing china, etc. does. Now COMCAST/republicans have NBC, and Olbermann is gone in less than a week. We are canceling our Comcast subscription.
The COMCAST/republicans? Oof.

This guy obviously wasn't paying attention when they taught grammar.
I like watching Keith's show it is very informative and is very straight forward unlike Fox News which many of you foolishly watch even though you know you are being lied to makes me think of the war in Iraq a war started basically on lies and was proven so yet we continue to fight there JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

I respect Keith's journalism so much that I got hooked onto his show i was flipping through the channels a year and a half ago seeing what all the major news networks are talking about off course Fox news just made me switch the channel right away then same thing happened with CNN but not as swift as fox I then turned to MSNBC watched the whole episode of "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" and was immediately hooked not only can I see the true sense of journalism from this guy I can also see what he was bringing to the show was the Truth something foxnews is the opposite of.
Whew. Get all that? Believe it or not, he's just getting started.

Assorted commentary here. Meanwhile, the Kos Kidz are still in high dudgeon the Modern Day Murrow has been silenced.
Like Murrow, KO made too many powerful enemies. Murrow was ultimately dumped by the CBS suits. Whether it was the NBC suits, the Comcast suits, or some combination thereof is of little moment.

What matters here is that one of the most powerful voices we had is now silenced. To make matters worse, he's being silenced about his silencing. Unless and until he is able to discuss his termination publicly, none of us will know what happened here.


Dell said...

I need to get this straight in my head.  Olbie's attorney and agent went in seeking to rewrite his contract with a major salary increase and MSNBC said 'no'.  Olbie threatened to walk.  MSNBC said 'no, don't do that, we'll buy you out of your remaining two years'.  Olbie said 'ok'.  And that's how he was 'forced out'?  OK.  Got it now.  That is all.

LYNNDH said...

They do live in a different world.

the wolf said...

I find that comments are more credible if THEY USE ANNOYING ALL CAPS FOR EMPHASIS.

Proof said...

Don't PC, D'OH-lbermann fans see African-American helicopters?

uncledan said...

"Let's face it, the guy lasted seven years longer at MSNBC than anyone expected. Heck, eight years there has to be a record of some kind."

I respectfully disagree. There seems to be a new mode of thinking in Leftwing-managed media outlets: To promote the Leftwing message at any cost, no matter how damaging to the bottom line and no matter how many viewers/subscribers are lost. Look at Time, Newsweek, NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC - they're all losing people like crazy yet not one of them have taken steps to stop the bleeding - instead digging in and becoming even more Liberal.

uncledan said...

I took a little while to read a bunch of articles on Olbermann's exit. From everything I am reading, it appears that really NOBODY seems to know why he left. But that even his staff had no idea. So basically he just up and bailed on them all. I wonder if they're employed as of right now?