Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mind-Blowing Orator™ Barack Obama Calls Upon Americans to "Invent Stuff"

Let's go, people -- chop-chop!

What's the hold-up?

h/t: RealClearPolitics. Cross-posted.


FrankG said...

"invent stuff" like the Obamacare Savings™

Proof said...

"Build stuff and invent stuff" Start with a backup generator for your teleprompter...

rich b said...

I wonder if Omama meant to "invent stuff" like statistics and campaign promises like he (president Hussein) did when he was running for prez in 2008?

His teleprompter is sure sounding stupid these days coming up with gems such as "invent stuff". Why not say something really astute and deep like "cook up shit". Now that has a real catchy sound to it.

JDubya said...

I like stuff too, Mr. President.

However, I have patents on inventions I created over the years and several more applications.

The problem these fools do not get is that China, one of several, do not honor my intellectual property- a right that my own government is supposed to protect under the Constitution (property rigths).

Until these fools in Congress do something on this, we are all fools to listen to him.

I like how Immelt, destroyor of Neutron Jack's creation, is now on the Bureau of Meta-Science.