Friday, January 28, 2011

Olive Pit - 1, Dennis Kucinich - Nice Try

Well, it certainly didn't take long for Dennis Kucinich to fold like a cheap suit.
The saga of the dangerous olive pit-filled sandwich seems to be winding down. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who has a long track record of getting what he wants in life -- be it a hot young vegetarian wife or money for a treacherous meal -- has settled his case against the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria, which served him a sandwich that split his tooth in half.

He announced the development in a statement detailing his dental heroism.

"Although the pain was excruciating, I shook it off and I went right back to work," he writes in the press release. He also clarifies that "this was not about aesthetics" and shares lots of cringe-inducing tidbits about the resulting infection, which went all the way to the bone, ultimately requiring the replacement of six teeth (not covered by health insurance).
Unfortunately for Kucinich, C-SPAN now maintains an extensive, searchable on-line video archive. And lo and behold, here we have footage of the shameless demagogue on April 22, 2008 - just five days after the incident. You won't see much pain, suffering, or "loss of enjoyment" here - just 90 seconds of buffoonish Big Oil-bashing.

No wonder he settled.



uncledan said...

This whole incident was a real eye-opener. What have we learned here? That Kucinich is so damned arrogant that he really thought he'd pull this off. He's familiar with the law. He has to know how much exposure he has. But it didn't matter, he was so sure he could pull this off that he went forward with it anyway. It's a damned shame that these guys STILL think we're not watching. Boy are they going to be surprised in 2012.

Rose said...

Jack Fool has free dentisry at Tax Payer Expense and let the thing go unattended.

People who keep re-electing him deserve to be flushed when he is.

nicholas shaw said...

I wonder who the Dems and in particular, Dennis, will blame for the price of oil now that it is approaching the crisis it was then? Where are his calls to do something about it now? Crickets! How about another call for a windfall profits tax Dennis? That will fix them when they have to raise the price of gasoline to cover the tax! Oh, wait.... What idiots congresscritters are!

FrankG said...

his wife doesn't eat meat? Explains how she can tolerate him