Sunday, January 23, 2011

Man Kisses Wife's Ass, Nearly Goes to Jail

Women, there's just no pleasing them.
A MAN who drunkenly kissed his estranged wife on the bottom has avoided a jail term.

The unemployed 48-year-old former social worker - who cannot be named for legal reasons - pleaded guilty to indecent assault.

He was sentenced in the Hobart Magistrates Court today.

The court previously heard the man had been drinking when he went to his wife's Hobart home in June last year to talk with her.

She was lying on a bed and he twice asked her to turn over on to her stomach. When she refused he forcibly rolled her over, straddled her, pulled down her pants and kissed her on the bottom as she screamed "No, no!"

When their children ran into the room, the victim explained she had been tickled, but the man made a vulgar comment, the court heard.

When interviewed about the incident, the man admitted the attack and apologised to the victim.

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Toejam said...

Geez, If I wanted to kiss my wife's arse I'd need Mick Jagger's lips on steroids!