Thursday, January 20, 2011

House Dems Vow to Improve Messaging, Will Only Call Republicans Nazis Every Other Day

You can't help but chuckle. These buffoons actually believe it was a matter of "messaging" why they lost the House in a historic landslide. Gee, had they only been able to bamboozle the rubes with a clever "message" they'd still be in charge!
House Democrats kicked off their annual retreat here with a vow to improve the flawed messaging that contributed to the loss of their majority last fall.

The down-sized Democratic Caucus is meeting for three days at the glitzy Hyatt Regency resort on the shores of the Chesapeake, with the goal of figuring out what went wrong in 2010 and how the party can position itself on policy and politics for the next two years.
Maybe it's me, but what message does it send when you're hanging out at a glitzy resort?
President Obama and Vice President Biden will be in Cambridge on Friday to address Democratic lawmakers, who will also hear from economists, message gurus and current and former colleagues. More than a half dozen panels will be devoted or related to messaging, underscoring the importance of boosting the party’s communications with the public.
Message gurus?

Maybe one of those former colleagues will be this maniac. That sure would send the right message.

Typical message we're sure to hear about is how the public was too stupid too appreciate how benevolent the Democrats are.
“I said Madam Speaker, the problem with Democrats is we never give the public the chance to savor our victories,” Becerra said, as Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the assistant leader, nodded in agreement. “What we didn’t do was take the time to do tap-dances about what we had just done, but we did the work of the people.”

“Too bad we didn’t message it better,” he added.
Oh yes, a little more tap-dancing surely would have saved some House seats. Gloating about abominable legislation nobody wanted surely would have done the trick.


Michael Ryan said...

Isn't it racist to include African-Americans and tap dancing in the same article?

Fenway_Nation said...

When 0bamacare passed, the Dems and their MSM cohorts immediately began crowing about what a great victory this was for the 0bama Administration.

Not the American people.

Not small businesses or the private sector.

Not the healthcare sector.

Just 0bama

dcat said...

Oh they just want us to get all upset and cry like they do.  ;)

Just A Grunt said...

The more they talk about messaging the more they remind me of that nutjob in AZ. Recall he was all about some sort of grammar rules the world fantasy.