Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cheesiest Use of a Giant Placard Since Alan Grayson's Last House Floor Speech

Can you see it there, right behind Sheila Jackson Lee?

It's a little hard to make out with that bundt cake hairdo blocking the view, but that is supposed to be a picture of a Medicare patient at risk of losing her coverage if Obamacare is repealed.

Or something like that.

Nevermind that Obamacare is paid for (we're told) in part by taking $500 billion out of Medicare. So by repealing Obamacare, that $500 billion would remain in Medicare - thereby causing the sick old lady in the picture to be tossed out on the street to fend for herself!

Don't follow the logic? Don't worry, neither does Neil Cavuto. We can't all be geniuses like Sheila Jackson Lee.

Via Hot Air, hat tip Amanda Carpenter. Cross-posted.


ConservativeBC said...

Gov of Hawaii Miraculously Finds a Handwritten Birth Certificate of Obama

From out of nowhere, the Gov. of Hawaii claims he found an archived handwritten birth certificate of Obama.

roux said...

Hey Sheila, Did you ever find the flag that the astronaut left on Mars?

I wonder if the elderly woman consented to having her picture used? Did SJL break any HIPPA laws?

nicholas shaw said...

You could have left out the word "hairdo" and still had a perfect description of Sheila's towering intellect!

maudgonne said...

"Bundt cake hairdo" - ROFL!