Monday, January 31, 2011

Democrats 'Target' 19 GOP House Seats

Have the media learned nothing from the climate of hate, vitriol and incendiary rhetoric? I though the word "target" was supposedly forbidden of political dialogue in the wake of the Tucson shooting?
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has pegged its first GOP targets of the 2012 cycle, launching radio and web ads in the districts of 19 House Republicans this week.

Democrats need to pick up 25 House seats to win back the majority in 2012.

It's the first media salvo of the cycle for the DCCC, predominantly targeting GOP freshmen in Democratic-leaning districts.

The ads hit the new Republican majority in the House for tunnel vision on spending cuts and backing "a partisan plan that costs jobs." Among the targets is Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle (R-N.Y.), who hails from a district that voted for President Obama in 2008 and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) in 2004.
I'm also concerned with the reckless use of the word salvo.
a. A simultaneous discharge of firearms.
b. The simultaneous release of a rack of bombs from an aircraft.
c. The projectiles or bombs thus released.
The harsh, war-like rhetoric continues.
Along with web and radio ads, which will start running during drive time Monday in the selected districts, the early media blitz will include robocalls and emails.
A blitz?
An overwhelming all-out attack, esp. a swift ground attack using armored units and air support.
b. an intensive aerial bombing.
2. any swift, vigorous attack, barrage, or defeat: a blitz of commercials every few minutes.
Can we get back to the new tone yet?

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