Saturday, January 29, 2011

Obama: We Need to Cut Wasteful Spending or Something

Great idea, champ. Now wonder they're calling you the second incarnation of Ronald Reagan.
"We have to reform our government and cut wasteful spending, so that we eliminate what we don't need to pay for the investments we need to grow, like education and medical research," the president pointed out.

Obama also outlined the need to promote innovation, especially clean energy, saying that by 2035, 80 percent of electricity produced in the United States should come from it.

"This is going to help spark innovation at businesses across America," he said. "This is going to spur new products and technologies. This is going to lead to good, new jobs. And that's how we win the future -- by unleashing the talent and ingenuity of American businesses and American workers in every corner of this country."
He's still babbling about winning the future? WTF?

Meanwhile, the AFP is stuck in a timewarp.
Forty years after President John F. Kennedy used the presidential pulpit to rally Americans around the goal of beating the Soviets to the moon, Obama called for an Apollo-like effort to rejuvenate US economic preeminence.
I had no idea John Kennedy was president in 1971.


nicholas shaw said...

"Promote clean energy"? Didn't he say that last time which led to investment in a Mass. solar panel company which promptly closed and moved to China? Wouldn't it be safer to say, "Let's take a bunch of money, give it to the Chinese and then buy clean energy back from them with another bunch of money from you sucker taxpayers."? And "80% of energy should be produced by clean sources by 2035"? Is this idiot living in a burlap sack or something? Oh, I forgot, he wants electricity prices to "skyrocket". Crisis is the mother of revolution for this clown but, I think it's safe to say any revolution will not target who he thinks it will.

Tina said...

Hmmph. His lips say "Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy" but his eyes say "Johnson, Johnson, Johnson".

Tina said...

<span>Hmmph. His lips say "Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy" but his eyes say "Johnson, Johnson, Johnson" (see "the Great Society")