Saturday, January 29, 2011

Richard Dreyfuss: Ed Schultz Wishing Dick Cheney Dead is a Beautiful Thing or Something

Douchebag, douche thyself. Nice to know this twit is touring the country lecturing on -- wait for it -- civility!


uncledan said...

Ed Schultz has almost no viewers. And it looks like his little show segment got smacked down by management yesterday. The second smackdown we have heard about in six months. Ed might be shown the door soon, God willing.

sarainitaly said...

So, can he explain to us when Palin has screamed and raised her voice, and talked over others? She gets accused of in civility and hate speech daily, yet I have yet to hear her yell and scream. She is patronized, but patronizing...? 

According to Dreyfus hateful speech like what Schultz is guilty of is ok, as long as you use flowery descriptions?

What insanity. Total flipping hypocrite.

sarainitaly said...

<span>Incivility. </span>

Toejam said...

I knew Dreyfuss was an asshole when I watched the movie American Graffiti back in the 70's.