Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eric Cantor: Um, Yeah, I Think Obama Was Born Here

The media is doing their best to perpetuate the "birther" issue. Funny, but none of them seem the least bit interested in actually seeing Obama birth certificate. They want to keep this up to portray the doubters as crazy. Eric Cantor, for one, isn't playing along.
The new Republican House majority leader says he doesn't think questions about President Barack Obama's citizenship should play a role in the discussion of policy matters.

Two years into the Obama administration, so-called birthers continue to argue that Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and that he hasn't proved he's constitutionally qualified to be president. Birth records in Hawaii haven't dissuaded them.
Of course nobody can find those records, but let's move on or something.
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says he believes Obama is a citizen and that most Americans are beyond that question.

Appearing Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," Cantor refused to call people who question Obama's citizenship "crazy," saying it's not nice to call anyone crazy.
This could all be put to rest if Obama just showed his birth certificate. But he wants to keep this as an issue. Why that so hard for anyone to figure out escapes us.

Update: This makes sense. Obama was born in Hawaii, but never legally changed his named back to Obama after being named Soetoro.
I honestly and truly believe this solves the entire mystery.

It is seriously this straightforward.

* Obama was indeed born in Hawaii in 1961

* Obama was indeed adopted by Lolo Soetoro in the 1970s

* Obama’s name was indeed changed to Barry Soetoro in the 1970s

* Obama’s birth certificate was altered per Hawaiian law to reflect his new name in the 1970s

* Obama never changed his name back to “Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.” — most likely because he used “Barry Soetoro” on all of his student aid applications for college, and probably received foreign student grants and admissions assistance playing off his years living in Indonesia

* All the records, transcripts, documents, and paperwork Obama continues to hide from the public is all hidden because it lists his name as “Barry Soetoro” on all of it.

* Obama will not allow his birth certificate to be released because it lists the “wrong” name on it: Barry Soetoro

It is as simple as this, folks.


Bluegrass Pundit said...

The article from Hillbuzz does makes sense. There is clearly a reason Obama is hiding his original birth record and college records. I have long suspected he may have been adopted by Indonesian Lolo Loetoro.

roux said...

In 2013 we will find out the answer. Unless he's re-elected.

Diogenes Lamp said...

I don't think this explains anything. I was born in 1961, I was adopted in 1964. My birth certificate was changed to reflect the name of my adopted father, but I have my original and I am told the state also has the original.

Why would the state destroy or throw it away? The Adoption records are normally sealed, but it seems to me an original birth certificate must be part of the Adoption records.

The Theory which i've heard that best explains Obama's birth in my mind is that he was born in Vancouver Canada. Stanley Ann, known to be in Washington 18 days after obama was born, fearing miscegeniation laws (Which Washington state didn't have, but she might not have known that.) Birthed him in Vancouver.

In any case, Article II "Natural Born Citizen" is not established by place of birth, it is established by having Citizen parents. The Naturalization act of 1790 (by the First Congress) reflects the attitude of that era. It allows people born beyond the sea to be considered as "natural born citizens" provided the child is born to citizen parents.

SouthernWolf said...

Easy enough to test.. just send emails to president soetoro at whitehouse dot gov..

fiatlux said...

I know my older brother and sister, who were adopted by their stepfather as young children, have CA certificates of birth that show the stepfather's name and not the birth father's in the space for "father."

No one's business when presenting a birth certificate to employers, schools or military service. The original certificates of live birth have correct information and exist but are not the document required or used. Only time, it might be used is going through a really high level background check (top secret clearance, vetting for political office)

Rose said...

Cantor ain't very bright, are he!

So barfing.

Just tell Odrama Queen Sotoro to show all his documents including the Long Form Birth Certificate, or be lawfully assumed to have none - just as a court of law does with a professional witness, such as a forensic expert, or doctor, or engineer, testifying in his professional capacity must show his documents and bonafides.

Refusal to show is an admission of lack of authentication.


No excuses.

Rose said...

Hey - maybe it has not dawned on you - WE The People ARE the Boss of him!

Rose said...

High level - the guy with his finger on the nuclear missiles' trigger - that might qualify as "needing high level clearance".

So Duh!

Rose said...

Yeah - Cantor just ain't very bright. Even after swearing to uphold the Constitution.

We don't care what he thinks - he needs to verify.