Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like Rats Deserting A Sinking Ship

Poor, poor Democrats. They just can't catch a break. The latest victim is Rep David Wu (D-Romulus). Mr Wu apparently a big Star Trek fan based on his use of Vulcan and Klingon analogies in his anti war speeches, but now he has staffers leaving him in droves, perhaps because they finally realized he is too bat shit crazy even for them.

Since the November election, U.S. Rep. David Wu, D-Ore., has lost at least six staffers plus the leadership of a veteran campaign team that guided him to a seventh term amid complaints about his public behavior.

The exodus includes Wu's longtime chief of staff, Julie Tippens, and communications director, Julia Krahe, both in Washington, D.C. Krahe left without securing a job while Tippens took a similar position with a lawmaker with far less seniority.

In addition, Wu has lost virtually his entire political team -- people who have been with the Democrat for more than a decade -- including his chief fundraiser, Lisa Kurdziel, and chief pollster, Lisa Grove, who told The Oregonian she wouldn't work for him again.

The voters in his district obviously are not as sane or rooted in reality as these staffers since they reelected him. Remember he is a member of the party which is also telling you that Obamacare is good for you. Would you seriously take his opinion on anything given all the other displays of what used to be called eccentricity, but I just call crazy.

Beam me up Scotty, there is no signs of intelligent life here.


DanCleary said...

We went to war in Iraq "without adequate evidence"?  

Um, huh?

Bonzer Wolf™ said...

Oregons Second District is the largest of Oregon's districts — and the seventh largest district in the nation — covering roughly two-thirds of the state east of the Willamette Valley.  The district has been represented by Republican Greg Walden since 1999. The rest of the state is batshit crazy. But Bend/Sunriver is so solid conservative that I may retire there when I'm too old to pump my own gas.