Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The New Civility: Democrat Says Repealing ObamaCare is 'Killing Americans'

Congress hasn't even voted on the repeal of ObamaCare, but one of the bright lights from the Democratic Party is already helping change the tone in Washington by wailing how the GOP is already killing people.
Repealing healthcare reform would result in "killing Americans," one Democratic lawmaker suggested Tuesday night.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), in a speech on the House floor about the rhetoric surrounding Republicans' bill to undo the new reform law, said repeal would result in more deaths in the U.S.

"Frankly, I would just say to you, this is about saving lives. Jobs are very important; we created jobs," Jackson Lee said. "But even the title of their legislation, H.R. 2, 'job killing'this is killing Americans if we take this away, if we repeal this bill."
Really, the Democrats created jobs? Uh, where exactly? Millions of jobs have been lost during their reign of error and we're supposed to pretend they've been creating jobs?

Well, Jackson Lee hasn't ever been known as one of the brightest bulbs.
"So I would argue that my good friends, some of them are new and I appreciate their newness, I appreciate their desire to keep a commitment to constituents — but when you come to the Congress, you have to govern, you have to look at the whole of America," Jackson Lee said in her floor speech. "And therefore, looking at the whole of America, you need to look at the crux; the crux is saving lives."
Has this woman ever made any sense?


ConservativeBC said...


Why is Obama so skinny, well the National Enquirer thinks "he's secretly battling stomach parasites!'

Blue Collar Todd said...

Democrats like to talk about senior citizens having to choose between food and buying drugs, but they do not care about seniors when they have to choose between buying food and heating their homes. If anything, their support for Cap and Trade will kill people in the winter time when seniors must decide to either freeze or starve.

hurtin1 said...

Failing to provide everyone with health insurance, as well food, drink, housing, and transportation also kills people. Heck, every person who dies on this planet was technically killed by the US Government in this formulation, since almost every death CAN be prevented by American might.

Democrats: "If it saves just one life, it's worth any cost - literally, since we're talking about a trillion dollars for five years; and realistically, that's our rosy number."

hurtin1 said...

"Oh, and eight or ten more people will die for everyone we 'save' due to the collapse of the healthcare industry, which has progressed medicine to what was considered science fiction a few decades ago, and the health insurance industry, without which people will be forced onto our public bathroom healthcare. But that's all just hypothetical."

Tony Methvin said...

Jackson-Lee is the same brain donor  "in 1997, during a subcommittee briefing, Jackson Lee asked a NASA scientist if the Mars Pathfinder had photographed the flag that Neil Armstrong had left on the moon."

jgreene said...

Sheila Jackson Lee is both an incredibly ignorant and obnoxious human being.  Her constituents most likely share her inability to speak or reason coherently or logically.  She is simply a simpleton.

Unfortunately she is in a district where she is lauded.  Politicians like Ms. Lee could not exist without an ignorant, unthinking electorate.  And she's got 'em, in her district.

Eris Guy said...

Perhaps redistricting can rid of such representation.

Geraldine Ferraro said...

Democrats are truly beyond parody.  

Shambhala666 said...

The dimmest of bulbs.
Idiocy incarnate.

No, not her. Her constituents.

roux said...

I read that she got a BA from Yale and a JD from UVA. What did they do just print up a diploma on an inkjet?

She's dumb as a rock.

rich b said...

Any district dumb enough to put this woman in congress deserves what they voted for. She epitomizes the word stupid.

She has in the past; advocated better relations with Venezuela because they are a "friendly country".
She wants to name Hurricanes LaTasha, Ebony, Typhoyd, Osmosis, LaTuna, etc... so the hurricanes will have "black sounding" names.

And, as someone else pointed out, she doesn't know the difference between the Moon and Mars or the Pathfinder.

She is a monument to gerrymandering and Afirmative Action and from what I read about her she seems to have been feeding from the public trough for much of her life. No real job offers after graduation Barbara? Just another career politician I guess.

She's a pathetic embarassment to a political party that's already a pathetic embarassment. And bare in mind my voting district is right next door to Marxine Waters and the 35th district so I do know stupid when I see it.

rob.granger said...

I just find it funny when they use the big words and don't really know what they mean. One shouldn't really reach for the big words until one knows what the little ones mean. J-L, Waters, Clyburn, my old shop teacher, an old office bud: Dude I know that you are smart, but you surly sound stupid when you start misusing words, there was an old comic that did that as his act. Problem here is, most of these are not acting - but they have those even dumber than they are voting for them....and there is your problem.

rich b said...

Your post makes me think of Mike Tyson and his malapropisms. Couple that with Mike's lisp and it was comic gold. The harder Mike tried to sound intelligent, the dumber the impression he presented. As far as Barbara goes - she's just plain stupid.

And the old-time comic you mentioned is Norm Crosby.

rich b said...

<span>Your post makes me think of Mike Tyson and his malapropisms. Couple that with Mike's lisp and it was comic gold. The harder Mike tried to sound intelligent, the dumber the impression he presented. As far as Sheila goes - she's just plain stupid.  
And the old-time comic you mentioned is <span>Norm Crosby</span></span>

Darwin Akbar said...

Can we pass a constitutional amendment requiring a minimum IQ of 100 to sit in Congress?