Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hammer and Sickle Flag at Half Staff Outside Media Matters HQ Following Olbermann Departure

The way the George Soros lackeys are carrying on in the wake of Keith Olbermann's abrupt departure from MSNBC you'd think a head of state has passed away. They're so puffed up with self-importance they're issuing formal statements.
For nearly eight years, Countdown with Keith Olbermann led the charge against conservative misinformation in prime time. He was one of the few voices in the media willing to hold the Bush administration accountable and fight the right-wing smears against progressives and their policies.
Coming from a character assassin whose sole role in life is to manufacture smears against conservatives that is some major projection. These people splice together audio clips to slander Rush Limbaugh on a regular basis, yet it's somehow the right that engages in misinformation.

Laughably, the other "big news" on their site involves trashing Andrew Breitbart for allegedly being "anti-gay" or something and casually smearing Fox for using Nazi imagery or something. But remember, it's the conservatives who are into misinformation. Speaking of Nazi reference, a mere three comments into another Olbermann story and there are snide "Nazi" comments used against a conservative.
Don't think so. Who else is going to hire him? CNN? Any outfit that will hire Herr Erick Erickson will certainly have no truck with Keith...
Such hateful and incendiary rhetoric.

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