Monday, January 31, 2011

Whining Nanny-Stater Mayor of NYC Now Running Gun Stings in Arizona

Seriously, who put this guy in charge of Arizona laws? In case he hasn't noticed, New York City is buried under mountains of snow and garbage. And he's got the resources to pull stings at Arizona gun shows?
The operation was conducted as part of the Bloomberg administration’s effort to crack down on illegal gun sales nationwide.

Bloomberg said the operation cost $100,000 and came out of the NYPD's budget.
Maybe Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Governor Jan Brewer can send some undercover police in to New York City and investigate why it took a week to dig out the outer boroughs after the December 26 blizzard. Or maybe infiltrate restaurants and find out some folks are sneaking too much salt with their lunch.

The governor defends the laws in her state.
"We believe our laws are fair and just in the state of Arizona,'' the governor said Monday.

Her comments come on the heels of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg releasing videos Monday taken by undercover agents at a Phoenix gun show just 15 days after the Tucson shootings. There, Arizona private investigators hired by New York City were able to purchase weapons not only without a background check but, at least twice, after admitting to sellers they probably would not pass.

Brewer said she had not seen the videos. Nor had she seen Bloomberg's comments.

But the governor said the laws are "something that the Legislature and I decide.''
Imagine that. You mean she doesn't report to King Bloomberg?


FrankG said...

so the sellers should be prosecuted. End of story. Sorry you mushmouthed POS, Nanny Bloomberg, but your petty tyrant rule ends at the outer boroughs. FOAD

realwest said...

Huh, well I don't Twitter or tweet or whatever, but it seems to me that Jammie is right.  And if the NYC Cops DIDN'T CHECK IN WITH AZ LE, then they are guilty of at least a serious breach of protocol.
Hey Bloomberg - mind your own damn business, ok?? Run for POTUS on your "sterling" record as Mayor of NYC, how's about it?

Lou Gots said...

Anyone who sells a gun to a stranger without assuming that the prospective buyer is wearing a wire is a fool.

Since private sellers are not required, or even authorized, to run the background check, such a sale is only illegal if the seller knows the buyer is not supposed to get the gun.  Therefore the sneak would have to be saying something like' "They won't let me have guns at the insane asylum back in Mexico since my rape conviction,"  or something like that.

George Boggs said...

As a NY'er, I am completely embarrassed by our mayor.  If only he paid as much attention to our snow covered streets as he does in attention catching ploys.

Kim Sommer said...

Bloomberg and the buyers should be prosecuted for knowingly engaging in a conspiracy to make in straw purchases in violation of federal law.  On the surface this looks like it could also be a RICO violation.  

Robert Greene said...

What legal standing beyond that of Private Citizen does Bloomberg have outside NYC?  If he is arranging and funding people to commit illegal acts and is not in law enforcement in the area, then he should be guilty of conspiracy to commit these crimes at least.  Since he is doing across state lines, is he not also in violation of federal law?  Why hasn't Bloomberg been charged, fined and jailed for these illegal acts?

bandit said...

And he probably wonders why people hate New Yorkers?