Friday, January 28, 2011

The New Civility: Radio Host Mocks Republican's Colon Cancer, Makes Oral Sex Jokes

Can someone let me know when the new civility actually starts on the left? Seems a lot of them haven't gotten the memo.
In response to the Monday comments, a representative of the Republican Party of Wisconsin called them "offensive" and demanded an apology.

A representative of the American Cancer Society also criticized Sylvester's Monday radio segment. A podcast previously posted on the radio station web site included Sylvester's referencing Kleefisch's colon cancer, and discussing with McKenzie whether Kleefisch wore a wig or just had a poor hairstyle.

"I'm not mocking her cancer," Sylvester said on-air Wednesday.

In Milwaukee Wednesday, Kleefisch responded to Sylvester's remarks tersely.

"It's unfortunate."
These liberals sure seem to hate strong, powerful women. Why are they so afraid of them?

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