Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heartbreak: No Super Bowl Trip for Obama

You knew the Bears were doomed when this boob chimed in about what a big fan he was. Sure enough, the patented Obama jinx led to defeat for the Bears at Soldier Field today in the NFL Championship game.
So much for that Super Bowl trip President Obama might have been planning.

His hometown’s Chicago Bears lost their chance for a championship berth Saturday to the Green Bay Packers, ending the season with 11 wins and five losses.

President Obama said last Wednesday that he would attend the Super Bowl if the Bears beat the Packers in conference finals Sunday. He was responding to a question from a reporter after his meeting with President Hu Jintao of China in the Oval Office.

Obama said laughingly: “Oh, if the Bears are in the Super Bowl, we’re going.”

It was unclear whether Mr. Obama’s lighthearted answer was sincere, but this is apparent: It is the Packers, not the Bears, who will take on either the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Jets in the big game. So if Mr. Obama’s Super Bowl appearance hinged on a Bears win, consider it kaput.
On the upside, at least Obama can have it both ways, as usual.
A Steelers win would give Mr. Obama reason to celebrate. He has said that he is a longtime Steelers fan. And Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who was born in Pennsylvania, shares his affection for the Steelers.
Don't worry, though. Obama willstill see some facetime on Super Bowl Sunday as he'll be interviewed b y Bill O'Reilly during Fox's coverage.

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the wolf said...

Well, Obama's geographic origin is always a matter of convenience to him.  When it comes to sports, he is Mr. Chicago, but when it comes to justifying keeping his Oval Office thermostat at 85, well it's because he's from Hawaii and he can't take the cold.  Unlike the rest of us peasants who are brow-beaten into freezing in our own homes (and paying for what heat we use ourselves).