Monday, January 31, 2011

Second Worst President Evah Weighs In On Egypt Mess

I know this will make all of us breathe a little easier. Former president Jimmy Carter is noted saying to his Sunday school class that the events in Egypt right now are the most troubling since he left office in 1981.
Former President Jimmy Carter says the political unrest and rioting in Egypt is an earth-shaking event and that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak probably will have to leave office.

Carter's remarks were made to the Sunday school class he teaches at Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains.

The former president, who brokered a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1978, called the unrest the most profound situation in the Middle East since he left office in 1981.

Hmmm, yeah I guess if you don't count the assassination of then Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, which occurred after Carter left office. Mr Carter of course has been granted unofficial immunity from members of the press for many of the idiotic statements he makes. Carter did broker the historic peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1978, which led to the assassination of Sadat and the elevation of Mubarak to president.

Billy's brother also is noted as saying that Mubarak had become too politically corrupt over his time in office. Yeah that is really going to help calm things down if it is picked up by the less savory characters participating in the protests in Egypt.

Psst, how many of ya'll knew that Ayam al-Zawahiri, Al Queda's second in command and the Blind Sheik Omar Rahman, who is currently in prison for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center were arrested, interrogated and subsequently released in connection with the assassination of Sadat.

Seems we keep coming back to the same cast of characters.

As far as being the most profound event in the Middle East since he left office, I guess so if you don't exclude Desert Storm, Hezbollah's growing influence in the region, and that nasty bit of business with the Iranian hostages who languished under your leadership but when that cowboy Reagan took office magically were released.

I guess in Jimmy's senile mind nothing has happened in the 30 something years since he held the reins of power on the other hand in a sense he is right since the Iranian Revolution, which did occur under his time in power is probably the worst thing to happen and has been the genesis for much of the trouble we are experiencing today.

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roux said...

He's just trying to pay Barry a favor by moving him down one notch from Worst POTUS evah...