Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obama Announces Plans to Attend Super Bowl, Assures Packers Win in NFC Championship

The guy knows so little about football every time he opens his mouth whoever he recommends goes down in flames. Last month he was talking up Michael Vick, who then proceeded to lose every game thereafter. Now he's pretending to be some big Chicago Bears fan and will inject himself into the Super Bowl if the Bears win this week. Well, if I were a Bears fan I'd be very nervous right now.
If the Chicago Bears win the NFC title and head to the Super Bowl, President Obama is going with them.

Obama, an ardent football fan, made the declaration Wednesday morning as he sat down with Hu Jintao in the Oval Office for talks with the Chinese president.

"If the Bears win, I'm going, no doubt," Obama said.
So he's an "ardent" football fan? How many Bears from years past could he name? Supposedly he was also a big White Sox fan, but when asked couldn't name a single one.

Not only does he plan on showing up, he'll be appearing with Bill O'Reilly.
He's also sat for live interviews on the network broadcasting the game -- this year he's set to be grilled by Fox's Bill O'Reilly during the pre-game show.
Grilled? Hardly. He'll need a mop to wipe the spittle off his shoes.


ConservativeBC said...


Border Patrol Reduced to Picking Up Trash

This is what Obama and the looney left have our boarder security doing... the video is so fitting.

drfredc said...

Obama's in your face appearance at the Super Bowl is not going to end well for Obama's 12 effort.   So go on and go...   I've got a TV remote for a quick change over to XBOX Call of Duty Black Ops if things get boring or there's an impluse to shoot at things... 

Bunni said...

OMG, the curse of Jonah.  I almost hope the Bears loose now, because I won't be able to stomach his grinning mug during the whole superbowl!  I'm willing to take one for the team and America on this one.  If he shows up to the Bear v. Packer Game Sunday, I'm gonna puke.  That will also guarantee the Bears loose.  >:o

rich b said...

Big Chicago fan my ass! My guess is he doesn't even know who William Perry, Jim McMahan, or Buddy Ryan are and what they did together about twenty-five years ago.

Can you imagine Omama in high school? My guess is he got his ass kicked at least once a week. And I guarantee you that Michelle is the man in their relationship. IOW she gets on top. Geek Chic is in and president purple lips rocks!

Just kidding....

Jon1979 said...

Should it be the Jets-Bears in the Super Bowl, it would be fun to see Jets fan O'Reilly ask Obama a question about Rex Ryan's dad, who won Super Bowl rings as an assistant coach with the Jets and Bears. If he doesn't know who Buddy Ryan is, that will really be an embarassment on national TV.