Friday, January 14, 2011

Ed Schultz: So Nutty, Dennis Kucinich Seems Utterly Rational By Comparison

Well, nobody ever accused Ed Schultz of having a sense of irony.

One of MSNBC's dumbest bricks, Schultz decided today that a good way to tee up a discussion on "toning down the rhetoric" would be to unload yet another one of his patented, unhinged screeds on the GOP:
"John Boehner has to deal with all of this tea party rhetoric in his caucus, and has no interest in trying to work with the President. Sarah Palin, and the Tan Man, and the rest of the Republicans have no interest in rising to the President's challenge on tone and accepting the plea to change it all. They already have a post-Tucson mentality."
Pause. He means 'pre-Tucson mentality'. He is accusing conservatives of having a 'pre-Tucson mentality'.


He continues...
"They don't care about stripping 32 million Americans from getting their healthcare. They don't give a damn about kids with pre-existing conditions. And they want every American armed and dangerous. Pretty clear - this is all about putting Democrats on the defensive, and filling their campaign coffers for 2012."
How's that for a compelling rhetorical fig leaf? Schultz even threw in that embarrassingly out-of-context Michelle Bachmann quote - which was a nice touch, I thought.

But Kucinich wasn't buying it. Now watch as his pleasantly surprising response leaves Schultz flapping in the breeze.

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Bonzer Wolf™ said...

I loved the look of fat Ed's face when Kucinich refused to jump on the MSNBC Hate Bandwagon. MSNBC is in trouble. Obama is clearly moving away from the lunatic left so he has a chance to get re-elected. MSNBC on the other hand is moving further to the left and Comcast is going to end up pulling the rug out from under the liberl fascist prime time lineup. I don't want to see that happen, as it's important to keep up with the enemy. I think every citizen should have to watch MSNBC for an hour a week.  The Socialist DemocRAT party wouldn't have a chance. Most middle Americans have no idea what these lunatics really are up to.

finebammer said...

dick morris was interesting on o'reilly last nite. he opined that the schultz/msnbc left might run a primary candidate against the won if he contiues to tack to the center for no other reason than to force him back left to keep his base behind him

who would it be??? kucinich himself? feingold?? chuckie shu??? (hell, maybe nadler could do jenny c and make a stab.....oops, sorry, must tone it down!!)

i look at this kucinich defense at bit differently. if as a supposed conservative republican you're being defended by kucinich in a friendly environ are you to be comfortable with that???

FrankG said...

Boehner is an adult, Kucinich actually figures that out. Ed is an emotional and intellectual child

rich b said...

What's the old saying - "A lie can travel around the world in a minute before the truth can even get its shoes tied".

That technique for spreading bullshit must have been perfected in a democratic think tank. And we can also drop a monstorous part of the blame squarely on the shoulders of the fucking liars of the Lame Stream Media. You people in the media have failed to live up to the special protection accorded you by the Constitution and you need to GO NOW! You have already been easily replaced by the web and other IT sources.

The sooner newspapers and other liberal rags go out of business and under the better. They serve no purpose other than being another arm of the corrupt demoratic party. They sicken me tremendously.