Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Great News: Planned Parenthood Advises Undercover 'Pimp' on Underage Sex Trafficking

This was filmed in the past several weeks. Ought to be interesting to see how the abortion industry reacts to this.
This video reveals a top-level Planned Parenthood worker, the manager of Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey's second largest clinic, making a secret deal with a pimp. Watch and listen as the Planned Parenthood manager, Amy Woodruff, advises the pimp how to make the trafficking of underage girls look "as legit as possible" (her words). Watch and listen as the manager advises the pimp how to ensure that his 14-year old victims of trafficking can still make money for him after secret abortions by performing sex acts "waist up" (her idea). Watch as she advises the pimp to instruct his girls to lie on the paper work about their ages, and identify themselves as "students" to get cheaper contraception and avoid mandatory reporting laws.

Of course the kneejerk reaction from the left will be this video popped up on Andre Breitbart's site, so therefor all criminal behavior is fine.

The story is here. Don't expect to see this in the lamestream media.
A Planned Parenthood manager in New Jersey coaches a man and a woman posing as sex traffickers how to to secure secret abortions, STD testing, and contraception for their female underage sex slaves, and make their whole operation “look as legit as possible” in an undercover video released this morning.

Clinic manager Amy Woodruff, LPN, of Planned Parenthood Central New Jersey’s Perth Amboy center, warns the pimp and his prostitute to have their trafficked underage girls lie about their age to avoid mandatory reporting laws, promising, “even if they lie, just say, ‘Oh he’s the same age as me, 15,’…it’s just that mainly 14 and under we have to, doesn’t matter if their partner’s the same age, younger, whatever, 14 and under we have to report.” She says, “For the most part, we want as little information as possible.”

Woodruff also recommends how the pimp can get his prostitutes cheaper contraception by claiming they are “students”: “If they’re minors, put down that they’re students. Yeah, just kind of play along that they’re students–we want to make it look as legit as possible.”

If one of the young trafficked girls needs an abortion, Woodruff refers the pimp and prostitute to the Metropolitan Medical Association, where “their protocols aren’t as strict as ours and they don’t get audited the same way that we do.” The prostitute in the video asks how long after the abortion until the girls can have sex again, and when Woodruff says “minimum of 2 weeks,” she asks what sex acts the girls could still do to make money. Woodruff advises, “Waist up, or just be that extra action walking by” to advertise sex to potential clients.

Sex trafficking is punishable under federal law and carries a potential life sentence. The new video is released by Live Action, a pro-life new media organization led by 22-year-old Lila Rose. The video airs just days after Planned Parenthood’s leadership suspected the sting operation and sought an FBI probe of Live Action in order to deter the release of the exposé. Live Action is sending full footage to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, NJ Attorney General Paula Dow, officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and other law enforcement officials, requesting federal and state investigations into Planned Parenthood’s sexual abuse and sex trafficking cover up.
Good luck getting Eric Holder to do anything about.

More at Big Government.


Blue Collar Todd said...

What else would we expect from pro-abortion absolutists? No one who says they are "pro-choice" is really just that, they are pro-abortion and will justify all the horrors associated with abortion in order to keep it legal. This is a politically correct version of Nazism via Liberalism. Instead of dehumanizing the Jews like the Nazis did, Liberals dehumanize all of humanity. A note to Christians: you cannot be pro-choice or support those who are.


Christians should not be about the tolerance or outright support of infanticide and the cover of underage girls getting raped or used as prostitutes.

Not Fan said...

Um, nutcases? Planned Parenthood report your pimps to the feds.

Not Fan said...

Um, nutcases? There's one small problem with your story. Planned Parenthood reported your right-wing pimps to the feds. What makes you "christians" lie about everything all of the time?