Monday, January 10, 2011

Hillary Blasts 'Extremists' and 'Crazy Voices That Sometimes Get on the TV'

Over in the United Arab Emirates our Secretary of State chimes in on the Arizona shootings.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday called the alleged shooter of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords an "extremist" and urged an Abu Dhabi audience not to let the incident define the United States.

Responding to a student in the United Arab Emirates, who asked her at a town hall meeting about American animosity toward the Arab world for the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Clinton said people should work to marginalize "extremists" in all societies.

"We have extremists in my country. A wonderful, incredibly brave young woman Congress member, Congresswoman Gifford[s], was just shot by an extremist in our country," she said, according to Reuters. "We have the same kinds of problems. So rather than standing off from each other, we should work to try to prevent the extremists anywhere from being able to commit violence."
I guess calling him a leftwing extremist won't be happening. Then she begins picking up on the current liberal mantra.
Clinton said extremists do not represent the U.S. or Arab nations.

"The extremists and their voices, the crazy voices that sometimes get on the TV, that's not who we are, that's not who you are, and what we have to do is get through that and make it clear that that doesn't represent either American or Arab ideas or opinions," she said.
I'll assume she's talking about far-left extremists Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz.

Of course you know she's not and is just taking a thinly veiled swipe at Fox, which was already blame by New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell Saturday.

I guess they haven't gotten the memo about dialing down the rhetoric. But rest assured this is part of a coordinated effort and it's already well underway.

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Michael Smith said...

Clinton is correct:Rachael Madcow,Joy Behar and Keith Olbermann should be shut up and taken off the air. His fellow students said this idiot was a "left-wing nut"--So there you are.

FillmoreBrown said...

This is what Happens when you Watch Ed "The honeybagger" Shultz, "Meaty
fingers" Maddow, and Keith "la Douche".