Thursday, February 24, 2011

After Devoting Five Minutes to Libya Crisis, Obama to Host Yet Another Concert Tonight

Need another sign sign this White House is completely tone deaf? After ignoring the Libya crisis for a week until yesterday, and then merely offering a perfunctory statement, it's back to party time in DC. Let's just hope Michelle has jetted back from her lavish ski vacation in Vail so she doesn't miss anything. Can't wait to see what's on the menu.
President Barack Obama is celebrating classic rhythm and blues on Thursday, spotlighting the music of Motown in a White House concert.

Stars invited to tonight's event include Motown icon Smokey Robinson as well as contemporary singers Sheryl Crow and John Legend, who will perform Motown hits. It's the latest musical tribute hosted by the president and first lady, and will be broadcast March 1 on PBS.
It wouldn't surprise me if he went golfing beforehand.

If Smokey Robinson appears any more at the White House he'll become an honorary Trumka.

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rich b said...

Dumb question but here goes - has Omama even mentioned the four Americans murdered by the Somali Pirates/Scumbags earlier in the week? I don't seem to recall anything.