Saturday, February 19, 2011

Great News: Team Obama in 'Secret Talks' with Taliban

Obama's crew apparently needs to focus on the fresh battles, like declaring war on Wisconsin. So why not cut and run from Afghanistan?
The Obama administration has entered into direct, secret talks with senior Afghan Taliban officials, according to a published report.

The talks were characterized in the New Yorker magazine piece as an attempt by the administration "to assess which figures in the Taliban's leadership, if any, might be willing to engage in formal Afghan peace negotiations, and under what conditions."

Earlier yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that only a political solution will end the war in Afghanistan.

"We will never kill enough insurgents to end this war outright," she said during a speech in New York.
Obama's domestic battlefronts will soon be spreading to other states, so he obviously needs to focus on killing American jobs rather than our actual enemies.

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