Friday, February 25, 2011

Grassroots Groundswell! NJ Unions Paying Members to Protest

I've been wondering why these union thugs around the country seems to always have so much free time on their hands. For all the nonsense from the Democrats about "the workers," I never see any of them actually working. They're always too busy whining, demanding more and more and roughing up women.

So it's curios to see how they're managing to drum up protesters in Trenton today as they continue to whine and snivel.
There appears to be efforts from unions to get more members to beat the drum today in Trenton. According to an e-mail obtained by The Star-Ledger, CWA Local 1038 is preparing for the rally with boxed lunches, leaflets and ponchos because of the expected rain.

The union is also offering to reimburse wages for anyone who takes a half-day off to participate in the rally.

"You must use your own time, either vacation or AL (administrative leave), and give the local a photocopy of your paystub. Please note that the payment for lost-time wages will be mailed to you; it will not be paid tomorrow," the e-mail states.

"What the union does internally is an internal union matter," Local 1038 President Paul Alexander said. "We’re not paying thousands of people to attend the rally."
Really, Paul? Reimbursing wages and free lunch isn't paying someone?
The rank-and-file at least seemed buoyed by the spirit of Wisconsin on Wednesday. Some 100 toll collectors protested outside the Turnpike Authority offices in Woodbridge to oppose Christie’s efforts to privatize toll collections in the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.

"We gotta get this guy Christie out of office, he’s killing us," said John Dunphy of Kearny, a 25-year member of Local 194. "It seems like they’re picking on the little guy more than the big guys."
Privatizing toll collections has been going on nationwide for years, long before Christie showed up. If there was ever a job that can easily be eliminated, it's getting rid of these belligerent fat-asses at the toll booths. I wonder if this leech Dunphy even knows when the next gubernatorial election is?

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