Friday, February 25, 2011

Loyalty: Pregnant Wisconsin Fleebagger Chooses Greedy Unions Over Her Own Kids

I can't be the only one mortified reading about this selfish woman who decides it's in her own self-interest to support spoiled union members over her own family. But for her, abandoning two young children at home while you're already six months pregnant is a teachable moment or something.
Of all the Wisconsin Democrats on the run for the last week, one is moving a little more slowly than the others.

State Sen. Julie Lassa is six months pregnant.

Instead of spending her days near her doctor and family, Lassa, 40, is counting down to her due date on the lam in Illinois.

Lassa is one of 14 senators who skipped the state to block a vote on a controversial budget-reduction bill that would strip municipal unions of most of their collective-bargaining powers.

Besides the baby on the way, Lassa has a husband and two small daughters at home.
Now most people would sit bank and weigh their decision. What do I do here? Care for my little children or sell my soul for pampered, angry union goons?

It's clear where Lassa's loyalties lie.
"I am teaching my daughters who are 6 and 3 that it is very important to do what you can to help your neighbors when people need help," Lassa told a reporter recently.
Must be some comfort when the kids go to bed at night and wake up every morning wondering where mommy is. But hey, they'll cherish this moment when they grow up, I'm sure.

Lassa was defeated by Sean Duffy in the race for David Obeys's old congressional seat last fall. Duffy noted during the campaign that Lassa gave herself a pay raise two years ago while the state was already hemorrhaging money.

Maybe she told her kiddies a story about helping themselves at the expense of their neighbors.


Daniel said...

Wow pretty sexist story I sure almost all of the politicians have kids but gotta point out the woman not taking care of the kids. Smelled bad when done to Palin and still smells bad when done to a Democrat

radishthegreat said...

You don't have kids, do you? Mommies and Daddies are not interchangeable.

Mary Pat Campbell said...

I agree with Daniel.

I have a stay-at-home husband and last year I had to travel a lot for a job. And now I'm working long hours for that same job. 

I don't agree with what she's going for, but if she's going to be attacked for this, all the men with families should also be attacked.

Growing up, I missed my daddy when he worked long hours. No, he wasn't the same as mommy, but I still missed him. Any parent being away for a long time hurts.