Sunday, February 27, 2011

Legend-ary Hypocrisy

During Barack Obama's 837th White House party the other night, musician John Legend decided it was time to play politics by claiming he didn't want a tax cut. Of course he was incorrect with the facts, but let's cut him some slack. Nobody's ever confused him with a rocket scientist.
Singer John Legend was in Washington to sing at the White House on Thursday but he had a few choice words for the politicians in town, too.

Legend told reporters before an evening concert celebrating Motown's music that too often the arts are the first thing to go when budgets need to be cut.

"People fought to give me — a millionaire — a tax cut this year,"
he said. "I didn't need it. And all the other millionaires didn't need it either."
Actually, nobody's been given tax cuts this year. He's confused the extension of the Bush tax cuts for a new tax cut, apparently. Although he's had 10 years to speak out, he mysteriously waited until this week to say something. Maybe someone could remind Legend he can always opt to voluntarily pay at a higher rate. That's what amuses me with these folks. They always say they don't need a tax cut, yet they never willingly pay more.

Anyway, while Legend claims he doesn't want his taxes to be any lower, oddly enough he's taking advantage of a little-known tax abatement in New York City. Funny how that is.
John Legend decries his federal income-tax cut -- but he's OK with the massive tax break New York City is giving him.

The singer told the White House press corps Thursday night that he and other millionaires don't need tax breaks.

But the "Ordinary People" singer saved over $50,000 last year in property taxes on his swank Bowery condo, thanks to a little-known city abatement program.

The "421-a program" -- created in the 1970s to aid a stalled housing market while also generating new affordable housing -- allows Legend and other rich and famous denizens to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over as long as 25 years.
Obviously once Legend gets wind he's taking advantage of the system he'll be stepping right up to cut a check for $50,000, right?

Obviously since he's such a man of the people, Legend will not only give back all the money he's saved over these generous tax abatements, he'll voluntarily open up his tax filings for all to see so we can admire his generosity.

One thing he's generous with: Contributions to the DNC, Democrats and various leftwing political causes, under his real name John Stephens.


FrankG said...

is he a Legend if I don't know who the hell he is?

srdem65 said...

The uber-rich are just too funny.  For instance, Bill and Melinda Gates are promising to give away to charity 1/2 of their fortune! so...they'll only have about 10billion dollars left to live on.  awwwww.