Friday, February 25, 2011

'Spitzer Thinks She's Holding Him Back'; Update: Parker Out

Obviously a major talent like Eliot Spitzer realizes there'd be no ceiling for him if it weren't for this faux conservative woman holding him back. That and the fact he works for low-rated CNN. And in that true gentlemanly fashion of his, he sneakily throws her under the steamroller.

Stay classy, Client No. 9
Eliot Spitzer is telling friends his CNN co-host Kathleen Parker "will be gone within a week." Relations between the ex-gov, who once called himself a "[bleep]ing steamroller," and his conservative co-host are at an all-time low. A source said, "Spitzer thinks she's holding him back. The ratings surged when she was out sick, and he anchored alone during the turmoil in Egypt. Only very few anchors have the power to wipe out a co-host, and Spitzer thinks he has it. CNN bosses are high on Spitzer, and he might get his own show. Kathleen has been weighing her options. There's this sense of dread among middle management." We've reported that Parker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, could be dumped due to lack of chemistry with Spitzer. But our source said, "She's putting up a fight."
Update: She's gone.
Kathleen Parker, the co-host of "Parker Spitzer," CNN's four-month-old, ratings-challenged primetime show, is being dropped from the program, according to sources inside the CNN newsroom. Eliot Spitzer, her co-host, will remain.
Maybe she can get a gig at Current TV.


Jon1979 said...

Spitzer seems to be channeling the Keith Olbermann model of both on-air and behind-the-scenes media managment. I eagerly await the first "Special Comment" from Client No. 9.

FrankG said...

dumping a woman holding him back, what does he think she is, his wife?

david djman114 said...

Parker sold her soul.  I used to read her from her Orlando perch and then she jump-shifted north to the Washington Post and left by a country mile and garnered one of those meaningless Oscars for leftist gibberish, what do they call it again?  Begins with 'P' & is given out by Victor Navasky & the Nation's Katrina Van Den Hovel.  Ha ha ha.  As meaningful as the Indonesian Imbecile's Nobel for Existing.  So now she's been blindsided by the biggest asshole in TV outside of MessNBC [& Current TV, to be fair to KO].

Spitzer's treating Parker like she's his wife....!   What a piece of shit...Special Comments are on the way from his most prolific orifice [the one he sits on].