Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obama Lackey: Libyans Want Change or Something

People are being mowed down in the streets and all the Obamatons can offer up are lame campaign slogans.
Despite #Qaddafi's hardly sober claim that the protesters are on drugs, the people of #Libya are clear-eyed in their demand for change.
Obama ignored Libya for more than a week as the blood flowed. Now he's back on his game, calling for change.



FrankG said...

As soon as Qhaddafy is dead, Zero'll vote "present" and call for change. Worse than Jimmy Carter? He's making a heckuva effort

ck said...

This is a tough one, while the regimes under assault are all despicable, any successes will end up as Iranian satellites like Syria. The only upside is lots of dead muslims. Keep them busy killing each other. What will happen if all the muslims kill each other? Peace and prosperity.