Monday, February 21, 2011

Nutty Left: John Bircher Who Died in 1965 Behind Scott Walker or Something

Yes, they really believe their own lunacy.
It should be no surprise that Walker’s radicalism is boosted by Bradley money. Today, the Bradley Foundation is controlled by a group of establishment Republicans, along with Washington Post columnist George Will. However, the Foundation’s agenda still reflects the extremist views of its founder, Harry Bradley. Although he passed away in 1965, Harry, a member of one Wisconsin’s most powerful families and a key financier of nationalist hate groups, would have eagerly applauded Walker’s union-busting agenda.
They obviously have no idea how insane they appear.


srdem65 said...

Maybe one of GovWalker's teachers gave him a bad grade once and he vowed to get even. 
Maybe  all of us (add slur)'s brainwashed the Gov with our goal of a (add commie/socialist/nazi/racist) country.

Pascal (the derivative) said...

Where's the evidence they have no idea how they look? That they appear insane is often a tactic of bullies. If they can convince you they are not rational, they can make large numbers to give up. It's the essence of getting the majority to clam up. Is it possible you never analyzed how PC works?

You are wrong because your statement "They obviously" ignores this common tactic.

uncledan said...

f they had just called me, I could have explained to them that they left out the Bilderbergers, the Jooos and Bigfoot Now THAT'S a conspiracy! I

msspurlock said...

The capitalist running dog known as Big Foot will soon feel the sting of our hammer and sickle!


msspurlock said...

Left-wing nutjobs are vampires in more ways than one.

In the mirror, they can't see their own tinfoil hats.

msspurlock said...

There was an Edwin Walker threatened by Lee Harvey Oswald!
Oswald was known eat hamburgers.
Bigfoot sells beef jerky.
My Gods!
How can we not have seen this before?

----Oliver Stone