Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"You're asking the wrong question"

Watch this union leader from Wisconsin avoid answering the question about the "fake" sick slips by telling Megyn she is asking the wrong question. He stuck to his script and seemed to be ticking off his talking points regardless of what the question was and for you Megyn Kelly fans she is less confrontational here then she is at other times, but hey it is Megyn Kelly.

I would personally like to thank the Wisconsin public [government] employees union for opening the eyes of so many taxpayers, you know the ones who foot the bill for your outrageous benefit and pay packages. I think we all now realize that the Democrat political party is nothing more then an extension of the union leadership and if that continues to hold true the only percentage of the vote the Dems will get in the next election cycle will be that 10% of the population.

Well and those in California who are on their 'medication'.


kj said...

What a bunch of hooey.  I should have counted how many times he said "for our students".  That's just an empty, rhetorical, platitude.  Garbage.  We need to break the stranglehold the unions have on our governments at all levels.  Hopefully, Governor Walker will stick to his guns.

Shambhala666 said...

I agree with kj.
Who the hell is this dimwit trying to kid?
It's about money, not education.

Realdebate said...

Teaching and learning in our schools.... What does whining about paying for your benefits have to do with learning in our schools?

rich b said...

Now I can understand how some people get pissed off and shoot their televisions. I wanted to put my foot through the monitor and shove it up this guy's ass. Can you say spin and obscure the issue? No wonder so many folks are on the side of Governor Walker in Wisconsin.

I wonder what would happent if the dems got their way and the laws went in favor of the teachers. Could Governor Walker get HIS way by avoiding signing the bill and just "dissappearing" as the dems in Wisconsin's state legislature have done? I doubt it.

Liberalism IS a mental disease.