Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama's Plan to Coast To Reelection Using Slogan Lifted From a Newt Gingrich Book Failing Miserably

Good grief, even Politico is growing tired of Obama's 'Winning the Future' mumbo jumbo.

Could it be that empty rhetoric and a functioning pair of teleprompters just won't be enough this time around for Obama?

Doesn't look like it right now, does it?

The White House’s theme for this week — and the week before, and the one before that — has been all about “winning the future.” President Obama has mentioned his new favorite catch phrase so often in the last month that you’d think he was being paid for each reference.

In fact, when Obama now makes a speech, he’ll do so in front of a small backdrop with the words “winning the future” streaming across it. Talk about message discipline:

At Penn State, on Feb. 3: “These are places where the future will be won.”

In Cleveland, on Tuesday: “Winning the future involves out-educating, out-innovating, out-building, out-hustling everybody else.”

At a Baltimore middle school, on Valentine’s Day: “Over the last few weeks, I’ve traveled the country, talking about what we need to do to win the future.”

By our count, Obama has sung his battle cry — or some variation of it — nearly 40 times since his State of the Union address on Jan. 25. (By the way, in that speech, he mentioned in 10 times.)

But is the message getting through? We decided to ask the prominent linguist and neuroscience expert George Lakoff, a liberal by any measure, whether he thought the ad nauseam repetition has proven effective in a month’s time. His diagnosis: Not so much.

The problem, Lakoff determined, is that while a repetition of ideas can work — like the notion of “change” in the 2008 campaign to tap into voters’ emotional desires, or Republicans’ consistent message on less intrusive government — simply saying a slogan over and over is less tangible, and therefore more difficult for voters to recognize as meaningful.

“Nobody cares about winning the future,” he said. “It doesn’t mean much to anybody.”


uncledan said...

OK, so let's let the Left continue to blow smoke up their own asses pre-congratulating themselves on Obama's 2012 victory.
Now, let's look at reality.
At this moment the economy is in shambles, our foreign policy is a worldwide joke, the Democratic Party is severely damaged from a 700 seat loss and the Middle East is imploding. Tonight, Obama is relaxing in a Motown concert.
And there's two years of this administration to go.

drfredc said...

I'd love to have a WTF? bumper sticker...   Pound WTF into folks minds...   Pretty soon, they'll be asking themselves -- What the F... whenever they see an Obamacrat speak...