Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pathetic: Lefty Clowns Now Quoting Reagan to Support Wisconsin Temper Tantrum

They think they're so clever. Obviously the moron who posted this conveniently ignores PATCO. They also speak nostalgically of the Solidarity movement in Eastern Europe.

Just one problem with this penetrating analysis. The left was vehemently opposed to Reagan while he was president and they were on the side of the Soviet Union opposing freedom for Eastern Europe.

The idiots would be better off quoting FDR.

Meanwhile, the community organizer-in-chief again invokes Reagan today. They must think this is actually fooling some people.


voodoo jimi said...

I see that you didn't deny that the sainted Ronnie was a union member and that he felt it was a human right.

Bru said...

One of my lefty friends posted this yesterday thinking that he was  making some grand point.   He didn't appreciate it when I pointed out that Reagan probably made this speech shortly after firing thousands of people for striking.