Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Repulsive' and 'Potentially Dangerous' Democrat Gets 55 Days for Sex-Crazed Spree

Repulsive? Well, to be fair that could mean almost any Democrat. But here we've got a real piece of work from--where else?--Massachusetts.
Condemning his creepy behavior as “repulsive” and “potentially dangerous,” a judge today sentenced former state Sen. Joseph “Jim” Marzilli to three months in the Billerica House of Correction for the grandfather’s 2008 sex-crazed spree in Lowell, when he accosted four women in one day while on official business.

“I think he’s an ill man, I really, really do. I believe the behavior that was exhibited that day was due to mental illness. You don’t live your life for 50 years with no issues and have this come out of nowhere,” Marzilli’s attorney, Terrence Kennedy, said after the sentencing in Lowell Superior Court.

One of Marzilli’s victims was handicapped.

Former state Sen. George Bachrach, a longtime friend of Marzilli’s who came to court to support the legislator, said, “Jim Marzilli made a mistake. He’s going to pay for it. Clearly, he became unglued. How else do you explain what happened?”

Kennedy predicted the Arlington Democrat, who is being treated for bipolar disorder and anxiety, will serve less than 55 days of the punishment superior court Judge Paul Chernoff handed down after Marzilli pleaded guilty to the accosting charges, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

With his wife looking on in tears, Marzilli also admitted there were sufficient facts for a jury to find him guilty of the felony charge of attempted indecent assault and battery for reaching for the crotch of a nurse’s assistant waiting on a bench for a patient.
Well, at least they're cracking down on these rogue Democrats. Wasn't long ago that was all in a night's work for Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, and that helped their careers. But as a Democrat, Marzilli sure got plenty of leniency.
That charge threatened up to five years in state prison, but because Chernoff continued it without a finding for one year — rather than declare Marzilli guilty, as assistant Middlesex District Attorney Elizabeth Dunigan pushed for — the disgraced pol will not have to register as a sex offender.
More on his lurid behavior here.
Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Dunigan said Marzilli began approaching women after attending an early morning event at a Lowell business.

He approached the first woman outside a community health center and said: "The sex is sweet, the sex is sweet, you want it and you want to go with me."

About half an hour later, he walked behind another woman and said, "Oooh, baby, you are so beautiful, "and made references to her body.

Dunigan said Marzilli drove by a third woman several times and then asked her if she was wearing any underwear. She said he approached a fourth woman as she sat on a bench outside an apartment building, attempted to grope her and made sexually explicit remarks.

When police approached Marzilli, he gave a false name and address, then ran away before being caught in a parking garage.

Dunigan said urged the judge to sentence Marzilli to one year in jail, saying he had frightened all four women and violated the public's trust. She said one of the victims repeatedly told her she didn't understand how Marzilli could have committed the crimes.

She said, 'I don't get it. He makes the laws and then he breaks them,'" Dunigan said.

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CoquimboJoe said...

Here is another Dem caught with his pants down. http://vitalsignsblog.blogspot.com/2011/02/democrat-legislator-had-extra-reason-to.html.  He got off, so to speak, lightly too.