Monday, February 21, 2011

Angry Mob Brutally Attacks Reporters ... in California

They obviously didn't get the memo about the new era of civility.
Angry mourners attacked two members of a television news crew Sunday at a curbside memorial for the victim of a fatal shooting in Natomas.

Both the homicide and the attack occurred outside the International House of Pancakes restaurant in the 2900 block of Advantage Lane, near Interstate 5 and Del Paso Road.

At about 2:40 a.m., Sacramento police officers responded to a shooting at the all-night restaurant. Homicide detectives believe two groups got into an argument inside. The fight escalated outdoors and ended in gunfire, police spokeswoman Laura Peck said.

Responding officers found one man lying dead on the pavement, she said.

Police described the suspects as men in their 20s, but could not describe their clothing or vehicles.

Peck said there were numerous people at the restaurant who might have seen the attackers, but few had assisted in the investigation. "There were plenty of people there," she said. "Someone should come forward."

By Sunday afternoon, a small memorial of balloons, candy hearts and candles had appeared at the restaurant.

A crowd of mourners gathered.

Journalists arrived to record the impromptu event.

About 3:45 p.m., a Sacramento Bee photographer was threatened and chased by members of an angry mob who mistakenly believed she was recording it on her cell phone. She ran to her car, where people surrounded her, screaming and pounding on her windows. She escaped unharmed but shaken.

Soon afterward, Fox40 reporter John Lobertini and photojournalist Rebecca Little – unaware of prior events – approached the memorial and a handful of mourners gathered there. Within moments, a dozen people ran from an adjacent parking lot and charged the journalists, screaming obscenities.

One woman grabbed Little's hair and pulled her to the ground. Another kicked her in the face. At least one man punched Lobertini as he attempted to protect Little.

Other mourners tried to stop the attack, but later insisted it was the journalists' fault for intruding on a private event.
Ah well, the reporters work for a Fox affiliate, so I'm sure the left has no problem with this.


rich b said...

Okay then. Taking the logic of the left and Keith Olberdouche to an absurd conclusion can we blame the progressives and maybe someone such as Chris Matthews because it was an attack on a FOX crew? Can we? Can we? Can we?

Or should we just blame the douchebag thugs who actually did the attacking. Tough choice but someone has to make the call.

Blue Collar Todd said...

And you wonder how this group could ever be in a violent confrontation resulting in someone's death?