Monday, February 28, 2011

Poll: More Americans Would Blame Democrats for Government Shutdown

At this point in our history, I think a majority of Americans would cheer a government shutdown. Just think of the billions we'd save if we shut things down for a few days.

Whatever the case, Democrats want a shutdown. They're still living in 1995, thinking they can bamboozle the public into believing Republicans want to throw grandma out in the street and make her eat dog food. Demagoguery is all they've got left in the outdated playbook.
Twenty-nine percent of likely voters would blame Democrats for a government shutdown, compared to 23 percent who would hold Republicans responsible, according to a new poll conducted for The Hill.

The results are surprising because most people blamed the GOP for the last government shutdown, which occurred during President Clinton’s first term. A week before the 1995 shuttering, polls showed the public blamed Republicans by a two-to-one-margin.

The Hill’s survey, conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, comes as lawmakers are heading into high-stakes spending negotiations that will seek to avert a shutdown.

Republicans have a substantial edge among independents: Thirty-four percent would blame Democrats, while only 19 percent would blame the GOP.
Fleebagger Democrats have already done their best to shut down government in Wisconsin and Indiana and I don't see any groundswell of support for their infantile tactics.

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