Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meager Budgets Cuts Now Declared an 'Un-American Atrocity'

We obviously never have any hope of getting our fiscal house in order when you have these people calling paltry budgets cuts an un-American atrocity.
Describing the House spending bill as an un-American atrocity, the heads of the bipartisan U.S. Conference of Mayors announced Thursday they are launching a major lobbying effort against its cuts.

The effort, going on behind the scenes this week, could culminate in a march on the Capitol in mid-March if the mayors don't get what they are seeking, said conference President Elisabeth Kautz, the mayor of Burnsville, Minn.

“We are going to have a major march and meeting in halls of Congress,” Bill Gluba, the mayor of Davenport, Iowa, said. He said the conference has decided to take the lead in organizing local and civic organizations to come to Washington to protest the cuts in the GOP spending bill.

“The impacts are devastating. … As we stand here knowing what happened in the House, our only hope is in the Senate,” Kautz said.

The group is focusing above all on stopping a 62.5 percent cut to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, which House Republicans have included in the spending bill funding the government after March 4. The cut is intended to save $4 billion.

President Obama in his 2012 budget request released last week also called for cuts to the program, which the administration has said is flawed because results are difficult to measure. Obama called only for a 7.5 percent cut that would save $300 million, however.

The mayors said the 2012 fight with Obama will have to wait until another day.

“When you have a bazooka pointed at your head, it is hard to think about what you will have for breakfast tomorrow,” Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter explained.

He described the House bill as “un-American” and said it is aimed at hurting the poor, elderly and children.

“You cannot run a country while attacking its own people,” he said.
Really? Obama has spent two-plus years attacking Americans. We finally have a slight pushback and any efforts are called un-American. Isn't that considered an attack on anyone?


srdem65 said...

ewwwww, how terrible.  Us yokels in fly-over country are used to namecalling.
For the last two years, our elected officals have called people who think like I do "racist, homophobe, redneck, country-club elite, islamaphobe, slimy thugs, bitter clinger, and an enemy of all brown-eyed people". 
 Now it's Un-American to be fiscally responsible.  Huh! 

druu222 said...

I am rather surprised that no one else has made this analogy, but is anyone else constantly reminded by these events of the A&E TV show 'Intervention'? I have said forever that socialism has the same effect on the body politic that heroin has on the human body, but I am stunned by the parallels.

What is the WI legislature saying, other than "It's over. You (we) have hit bottom. It's done. If you agree, there is nothing we cannot mutally do, within our financial power, to get through this, but if you want to go on as you have been, there is nothing that we will do to allow it to continue. Nothing."

And do we see the addict do, time and again? Deny deny deny. Scream. Cry. Lash out in the bitterest of anger, blaming everyone else in the room. And of course, in tears and rage, storm out of the room and run, just to get the hell away from the reality.

Sounding familiar?

fred ohr said...

He should commit himself to the "Nutter" House

Blue Collar Todd said...

Unions are refusing to grow up. They are like a five year old still trying to breastfeed. It is time to grow up and ween already. Most of us work in the real world and have to pay a portion of our health care benefits and contribute to our 401(k) accounts. It is way past time public employees start doing the same thing. Stop throwing a temper tantrum every time you do not get what you want.

drfredc said...

Go figure, the little generals have figured out that they don't want to be on the front line of the budget battle.  Big Surprise there! (not...)  If they really want to get the budget under control, let the taxpayers have some say in how their tax dollars are to be spent and what programs survive, what gets cut. 

Let the naysayers and whiners take on the taxpayers and see how far that gets them... !!!