Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Certainly Wu is Becoming an Embarrassment'

Just now he's becoming an embarrassment? What, all his erratic behavior before now was OK just because he has a "D" after his name?
Seven-term Democratic Rep. David Wu faced increasing pressure Wednesday to step down amid a series of bizarre revelations in recent days about his mental health, including a photo he sent to staffers during his re-election bid showing him wearing a tiger costume.

The state Republican chair and one of Oregon's largest newspapers said Wu should resign, but Wu says he has no intention of quitting.

"He has a really important job, and the citizens of Oregon and the citizens of the congressional district deserve to have a congressman who's completely focused on serving them and being a great congressman," Oregon Republican Party Chairman Allen Alley said Wednesday.

Wu said Tuesday that it was "unprofessional and inappropriate" to send pictures of himself wearing a tiger costume to staff members while he was in the middle of a heated campaign last year. He also acknowledged taking two tablets of a pain killer that were given to him by an unnamed campaign donor.
Really clear judgment there, taking pills given to you by some stranger.
The Eugene Register Guard, Oregon's second-largest newspaper by circulation, published an editorial Wednesday calling for Wu's resignation "for lack of candor, not because of treatment."

"Wu should have been forthcoming about his medical treatment when it began," said the paper, which publishes outside Wu's district.

Another paper, the Daily Astorian from Clatsop County in Wu's district, planned to publish an editorial Thursday also suggesting that Wu should step down, saying the congressman has served the region well but "certainly Wu is becoming an embarrassment."

Wu's spokesman said the congressman has no plans to resign and will seek re-election in 2012.
That photo of him dressed as a tiger should make great campaign fodder.


sd1981300sd said...

There's nothing wrong with that photograph. Maybe he was going trick or treating with his grandchildren or some such thing that would be fun and not necessarily mentally ill. Maybe he is mentally ill, but that picture by itself doesn't show it.

Toejam said...

The dude's nuttier than a fruit-cake.

However, I'd give him a pass if his first name was: TONY!

rich b said...

So someone just slipped him a couple of Vicodin or Oxy's. I guess it's okay then. Just blame it on the drugs. BTW, WTF is he doing gobbling down pills that could be anything? And this clown is casting votes and writing laws.