Sunday, February 20, 2011

Classy: Columbia Douchebags Heckle Wheelchair-Bound Purple Heart Iraq War Vet

These Ivy League universities are all for gays in the military. Yet when it comes to welcoming ROTC on their campus, that's when "tolerance" goes out the window. This is a particularly ugly display at the same campus that welcomed Iranian psychopath Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with open arms a few years ago.
Columbia University students heckled a war hero during a town-hall meeting on whether ROTC should be allowed back on campus.

"Racist!" some students yelled at Anthony Maschek, a Columbia freshman and former Army staff sergeant awarded the Purple Heart after being shot 11 times in a firefight in northern Iraq in February 2008. Others hissed and booed the veteran.

Maschek, 28, had bravely stepped up to the mike Tuesday at the meeting to issue an impassioned challenge to fellow students on their perceptions of the military.

"It doesn't matter how you feel about the war. It doesn't matter how you feel about fighting," said Maschek. "There are bad men out there plotting to kill you."
Unfortunately Maschek doesn't seem to understand these so-called students are on the side of the bad guys, not the U.S. military.
Several students laughed and jeered the Idaho native, a 10th Mountain Division infantryman who spent two years at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington recovering from grievous wounds.

Maschek, who is studying economics, miraculously survived the insurgent attack in Kirkuk. In the hail of gunfire, he broke both legs and suffered wounds to his abdomen, arm and chest.

He enrolled last August at the Ivy League school, where an increasingly ugly battle is unfolding over the 42-year military ban there.
This is where we are now in America: People laugh and sneer at wounded veterans. Yet go and make fun of a liberal and it's basically a hate crime.
José Robledo, 30, a Columbia student who commutes to Fordham University for ROTC coursework, said he found the treatment of Maschek abhorrent.

"The anti-ROTC side has been disrespectful and loud. They hiss and they jeer," he said. "It's been to the detriment of the argument."
Gee, ya think?

One would hope that some day the Forces of Tolerance actually become, you know, tolerant of others. I think that ship has sailed, however. There's just no reaching such sick, hate-filled, bigoted minds.

So much for the new age of civility. That only applies to one side of the political spectrum, apparently.

A Columbia dean apparently is in favor of allowing ROTC back, but according to this report that represents bias or something. Bias, of course, being speech you don't agree with.
Several students from Lucha, a Latino activist group, and Students for Justice in Palestine said that having the dean of the college open the event with a pro-ROTC speech inserted a bias into the debate.

“There is something wrong when the person with authority, the dean of Columbia College, the person who represents this institution, and spoke as the voice of the institution, begins a supposedly open debate with a biased narrative,” Aarti Sethi, GSAS ’15, said.
Yet it's all to clear who the bigots are.
Nico Barragan, CC ’13 and an ROTC air force cadet, said that it’s members of the military who are made to feel uncomfortable on campus.

“I try to avoid walking around campus in my uniform. I get dirty looks and people in class tell me I’m signing up to kill children to pay my tuition bills,” Barragan, who is also the secretary of Columbia Queer Alliance, said.

Learned Foote, CC ’11 and Columbia College Student Council president, said many of the people who speak publicly about ROTC have radical opinions.

“I do wonder what the median Columbia student thinks about this,” he said.

Barragan said he believes most Columbia students support ROTC but remain silent.

“The anti-military are always gonna be the radicals. They’re going to be the loudest but they’re not the majority,” he said.


Progressively Defensive said...

Well, Princeton, UPenn, and Cornell (maybe Brown, I don't know) and lots of other great universities and colleges welcome ROTC on campus.  

Its a sickness within we must cure, one that corrupts our republic; and our failure is that we don't oppose it assertively it wherever we find it.  This is why it has festered for the last 50 years.

FrankG said...

cut their federal funds

FatSean said...

Don't want to be heckled, don't support an illegitimate government prosecuting an honorless war based on lies and deceit.  I know, I know...the man was just following orders.  Whatever. 

We need to cut spending, and military spending is on the chopping block.  GOP is already got a bill that cuts the VA.  Why not hold a bake sale?

Princetrumpet said...

Wow... a lib that acknowledges Obama's administration as an "illegitimate government". Who knew? After all, They DID take credit for the success of the war in Iraq. Just ask Joe Biden.

Americaneocon said...

Army Staff Sgt. Anthony Maschek, Iraq War Hero, Heckled at Columbia Over ROTC

FatSean said...

<span>What success in Iraq?  Iraq is illegitimate and predicated on lies and anyone who helps out in that war is a war criminal.  You don't even have to be the Marine who raped a 14-year-old and then murdered her extended family to cover it up.  You could be some half-wit who couldn't make it in the private sector.</span>

The military is like a union at this point...very hard to lose your job...time to bust it up.

FatSean said...

<span>Love it or leave it.

Rosie Racine said...

I think it is horrible how we treat our service men and the students who are in the ROTC.  They are giving their lives for these cowards who stay home and benefit from the freedom our soldiers provide for us.

So what if they are getting their tuition paid for by  being in the ROTC, they are risking way more than the jerks who are making fun of them.  Why don't these so brave and noble jerks offer their lives for their country which they claim to love so much.

It seems like everyone in this country can say and do anything they want in the name of freedom.  Freedom should stop when it interfers with another person's freedom.

I am sure the founding fathers which most of these jerks don't know the names of,did not mean freedom to be used to abuse and harass  others!

Jason Leverette said...

<span>These misfit, misinformed, misplaced, misguided, moocher, progressive socialists do NOT KNOW a damn thing about the military or about the history of our great country and how a ragtag Army of merchants, farmers and clerks sent the tyrannical King George, III and his British Empire packing...which allowed these bterds 'free speech' so they can ridicule and slander an American patriot warrior who was awarded the Purple Heart for eleven wounds to his body fighting for FREEDOM...that IS NOT ALLOWED TO ANTHONY MASCHEK!!  THIS IS BEYOND REASONING! </span>

Don Kershaw said...

This hero has more patriotism in his excrement than all of these students combined. You don't have to support the war but you have an obligation to support the warrior. We don't have the luxury of telling the government what we think about their policies we just do as we are told. Ronald Reagan once said "The greatest supporters of peace are the ones sworn to protect it."