Sunday, February 20, 2011

'He Doesn't Know What He is Talking About'

It's one thing to be envious of Governore Chris Christie. Jealousy of others is just human nature. But you want want to buttress your assertion with some facts.
Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley (D), called out New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie again Saturday during a speech at a Democratic fundraising dinner, saying the "tea partying" governor lives "in a different world than ours."

O'Malley, the chairman of the Democratic Governor's Association, accused Christie and other GOP governors across the country of irresponsibly slashing funding for priorities like education and infrastructure.

"The tea partying Republican governors would have us believe a lot of things that just aren't so," said O'Malley. "They would have us believe that we can somehow eat cake and lose weight. They would have us believe that we can just cut our way to a better future -- no need to invest in education or rebuild our infrastructure."
Of course O'Malley cannot point to a single appearance Christie ever made with tea partiers because, well, he's never appeared at a tea party rally. But the governor did inherit a state bordering on financial ruin thanks to his Democrat predecessors who sold out to the unions. But I guess the new mantra is to simply keep repeating this fabrication in the hopes it'll stick.
"At the Republican governor's tea party, where colorful characters like Chris Christie preside, there is no need to pay bills, no need to protect bond ratings, no need to invest in the future," O'Malley said. "Down is up, up is down; candy is a vegetable, and vegetables are candy."
These Democrats must relaly believe Christie is running for president next year. Otherwise why so childishly keep repeating this tea party nonsense?
"He doesn't know what he is talking about," Christie said in response to O'Malley. "Come to New Jersey and listen to what I am saying, rather than listening to his Democratic consultants."
Frankly, I feel Christie would be even more popular had he embraced tea partiers, but he didn't do anything to go out of his way to gain their support when he won in 2009. Further, I don't recall any tea partiers endorsing Mike Castle in the 2010 Delaware GOP primary.

Seems according to this report O'Malley just can't handled being slapped around by Christie.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican darling, had harsh words for Gov. Martin O'Malley's pension plan and approach toward public employees in an interview set to air this evening on FOX Business Network.

The New Jersey governor, who has built a national reputation for standing up to public sector employee unions, distinguished his New Jersey approach from "that pabulum Governor O’Malley was spewing down in Maryland," according to a transcript of the interview.


Stoaty Weasel said...

Notice how many digs at Christie involve food and weight. No accident, that.

rich b said...

Real insightful comment by Governor Martin O'Malley. I'm surprised he didn't make some fat jokes. And the world Christie live in is known as "the real world". This is just another case of some shit-stain progressive talking out of his neck.

rich b said...

The world Governor Christie lives in is known as "the real world" unlike some dems. The comment by Governor Martin O'Malley was very insightful. I'm surprised he didn't make a couple of fat jokes. It's just another dem talking out of his neck.

msspurlock said...

"Tea Party" = badge of honor.

"Democrat" = badge of shame.

"Maryland" = bag of idiots.